Friday 8th August: Organic and Natural Wines of the Loire Valley

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After our last wonderful in-store tasting of Burgundy wines, we have decided to keep the ball rolling with a selection of stunning Loire Valley wines from small organic producers. Of all of the wine producing regions in France, none offers a wider variety of dry, sweet and sparkling wines to enjoy on a warm summers day than the Loire.
Built between the 13th and 16th Centuries, the many magnificent chateaux of the Loire Valley served as fortresses, and later as luxurious palaces for the kings of France. With Royal patronage and easy access to the foreign markets of England and the Netherlands, the region, and particularly towns such as Angers, grew rich on the profitable wine trade.
The Loire Valley is the most spread out of France’s wine producing regions and produces a diverse range of wines. The area is dominated by the presence of the Loire, France’s longest and most famous river.
We will be looking at a few hidden gems of the Loire, such as the light red wines from Saumur Champigny, Chinon and Bourgeuil to the crisp, aromatic dry whites of Anjou and Touraine.
This will again be in-store on Friday 8th of August between 7:45 and 10pm. Tickets are limited and cost £15 per person.
We hope to see you all
Marion & Jamie

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